New version of Lighting Analysts AGi32 calculation software

Lighting Analysts, a leader in calculation and visualisation software for the lighting professional, has announced version 18 of its industry standard calculation software, AGi32.

AGi32 version 18 builds on previously released features for the creation of automated output, includes several new object manipulation commands, and introduces the calculation of Mesopic Luminance for roadways, a very hotly anticipated capability. Additionally, version 18 is now tightly integrated with Lighting Analysts’ new annual daylight simulation tool Licaso.

AGi32 version 18 introduces the concept of Viewpoints to the rendered output of the software. Viewpoints were previously introduced in AGi32 version 17 for the model portion of the software. Adding this capability to the render mode allows users to save as many different perspectives of the rendered model as they like and automatically assimilate them in the automated Page Builder output. In addition, each rendered viewpoint can have its own set of display parameters. Says Dave Speer, Lighting Analysts Director of Sales and Marketing: “Now users can easily reference an RGB rendering alongside a Pseudocolor rendering, and elect to incorporate an overlaid CAD model on either one. This offers enormous flexibility for presentations.”

New Object manipulation commands such as Group, Scale (by axis) and Disable from Model Mode provide increased flexibility and speed of workflow for power-users. The new Group Object command allows random objects to be easily grouped for various operations. Groups can contain other groups and even imported entities. Ungrouping is a simple explode operation.

The lighting industry has been anticipating the incorporation of Mesopic principals into the calculation of pavement luminance for roadway applications since the initial release of IES document TM-12-12, “Spectral Effects of Lighting on Visual Performance at Mesopic Lighting Levels” which handles low speed exterior applications such as site lighting. With the announcement of support for higher speed roadway applications by the International Commission on Illumination (CIE) in Technical Note TN-007:2017, Lighting Analysts is pleased to introduce the availability of this calculation in the updated CIE-140 roadway standard.

AGi32 version 18 can serve as a modelling platform and launching site for annual simulations using Licaso, the annual daylight simulation tool Lighting Analysts introduced in June 2017. Calculation time for most simulations running in a matter of minutes with Licaso, compared to hours or days for the only competitive alternative.

A free, unrestricted 30-day trial version can be downloaded here.

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