Plug-and-play modular luminaire system

The Vault pendant lighting system, designed for Sweden’s ateljé Lyktan by the London studio Fourmation, allows you to build a huge amount of continuous lighting patterns and feature ceiling grids from a minimal number of components.

Vault is designed for general lighting in public spaces: offices, stores, restaurants and museums.

Vault single and system luminaires consist of two type of components – blocks (suspension/connector units in die-cast solid metal, suspended on a height adjustable 4m steel wire) and Light Bars (light units).

There are three different kind of blocks; Power blocks provide connection cable and driver, Link blocks enable electrical through wiring, and the simple Block has only a mechanical connection.

From each Power block up to four Light Bars  can be connected horizontally, one light bar on each side of the block.

The Light Bars are instantly powered on when placed in between the blocks; the opal acrylic glass diffuser in creates a soft and even light, and the main direction of the light can be up and down or to the sides.

The LED light source can be supplied with colour temperatures of 3000K or 4000K. Colour rendering is CRI 80. Vault has a 24V DALI driver from Tridonic.

More information here.

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