Pondero: a reflection of our time?

Fagerhult has launched what it describes as a new modern and bold luminaire under the name Pondero. Says the press release: “It does not create the mood, it is a part of the mood simply by its own presence. Its shape and powerful outcome does not apologise for itself. Pondero has created a new set of rules in a well-known shape …”

The design flirts with the style of the traditional fluorescent lamp, but in a modern and urban shape in a body of untreated steel with aluminium gables.

“The tube-shaped body is equipped with LED and Beta Opti louvre, granting a high lighting comfort,” said Product and Application Manager Peter Björkman. “This, together with a well-balanced light distribution (direct/indirect: 93/7), makes it perfect for rooms without an underneath ceiling.”

Pondero is pitched at edgy interiors like refurbished industrial premises, art installations, retail venues, and up-to-date bars and cafés. Peter Björkman says” It is energy efficient, with top modern LED diodes, and a sustainable choice despite its retro looking appearance. Of course this is a smart luminaire, which you easily can connect either with e-Sense Organic or with DALI (both includes CLO L100, 50 000 hours).”

More information here.