Regent lighting for Doha Metor

With impressing speed Qatar is developing its infrastructure with dramatic speed, and the Doha Metro is one of the world’s largest construction projects. In collaboration with Qatar Railways’ architects and engineers, a team from Switzerland’s Regent Lighting has developed specific lighting solutions for demanding specifications; the result is an overwhelming symbiosis of light and architecture that underlines the uniqueness of the project.

Doha Metro will connect the capital and its suburbs. The first construction phase includes the building of three out of the four lines (Red, Gold, and Green) and 38 stations. The stations will reflect the country’s heritage, with a ‘vault apace’ design inspired by traditional Bedouin tents.

The Regent Customer Specific Project team accepted the challenge of realising custom lighting solutions for the project. Three special luminaires have been developed; the design is accentuated by a creative combination of endless light lines, triangular star- and square-shaped luminaires. By the end of 2019, around 20,000m of light lines and over 25,000 luminaires will have been installed.

The Doha Metro lighting design represents two years of close collaboration: “It’s not only about designing light fixtures, it’s about a common understanding of National vision and make explicit what was thus far implicit.” says Mohamed Timbely, Senior Director of the Architecture and Design Department at Qatar Railways.

All of the luminaires used are made of robust and resistant materials, offer IP54 protection against dust and humidity, and guarantee a long lifetime. The luminaires are equipped with DALI-dimmable drivers and high quality LEDs offering a high colour rendering of CRI ≥ 90.

Doha Metro 01 is the name of the three-dimensional flexible linear luminaire system for recessed installation that was specially developed for the ‘vault space’ design. An opal foil diffuser provides homogenous light for highly aesthetic lines without interruption, a light line that is both decorative and highly functional – supplying up to 1,000 lumens per metre. A specially designed profile made of aluminium assures robustness and allows the unique flexibility.

Mounted side-by-side, the luminaire Doha Metro 02 with the specific triangular-star-shaped geometry is used for the Flower Pattern design of all single height ceilings such as concourse and platform levels. It can be recessed without any visible frame and the opal cover made of robust Polycarbonate provides perfect uniformity of light.

The square-shaped Doha Metro 03 is used for highlighting specific areas and the creation of a daylight feeling at the lower levels of the stations. Both luminaires were especially designed for easy and toolless installation and maintenance from below.

The first lines are expected to be open to the public by 2019.

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