Reynard and the Office of the Future

3D printed building in Dubai 300x202 - Reynard and the Office of the FutureReynard Lighting won Sustainable Lighting project of the year at Light Middle East 2016. They have also been involved in many land mark projects including the Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Office of the Future. The project is the most advanced 3D printed building in the world.

Reynard Lighting are a fee based design and engineering practice specializing in technical integration who successfully add real value to every project in many way’s combining creative design input with a qualified, knowledgeable design team. Together they provide architecturally and engineering coordinated solutions and integration, delivering clients with best practice, professional indemnity back by qualified project design and integration.

Their ability and knowledge to coordinate all aspects, of lighting, controls, systems, emergency (compliant with local standards) and room and sunshade integration is unrivaled in the construction industry ensuring they are an ideal consultant partner for clients, lead consultants, project managers and conscientious high end D+B Contractors.


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