Sharp style for wall-mounted illumination

The newly released Cliff luminaire from Canadian manufacturer Eureka is intended to add a modern edge to the illumination of exterior facades, entrances, yards and terraces.

Cliff is a minimalist, wall-mounted luminaire that enables multiple design options in the same compact package. Its angular shape and its light distribution pattern create a strong architectural feature; it can be installed in two different vertical orientations, encouraging designers to create a composition that plays with the luminaire silhouette.

Available in single or dual light direction, Cliff luminaires can be arranged to create different lighting patterns to meet the aesthetic or functional needs of a space. 

Manufactured with a durable, heavy-duty die-cast aluminium housing, and with a sealed integrated driver, Cliff luminaires are IP65 and ULWET rated to withstand the elements.  And with a depth of less than 100mm, Cliff is suitable for ADA compliant environments.

Cliff luminaires are offered in 3000K, 3500K and 4000K CCT. The dual direction is available in three outputs ranging from 904 to 1,688 lumens; single-direction Cliff luminaires have two output options of 778 or 1,048 lumens.

“With all the options offered, Cliff enables designers to switch things up,” said Francois Renaud, director of design at Eureka. “In daylight, the simple geometric shape makes a statement and at night, it creates unique light patterns.”

More information about Cliff is available here. Eureka’s local agent is 3S International, with locations in Ajman and Dubai – email