Signify and Diamond Developers to collaborate on sustainable lighting innovations

Goktug Gur, President and CEO of Signify Middle East, Turkey and Pakistan (left) with Faris Saeed, CEO of Diamond Developers

Signify has signed an MoU with real estate developer Diamond Developers. It is described as part of their mutual commitment to utilise creative and innovative technologies and solutions designed to promote sustainability; the signing took place at Diamond Developers’ Sustainable City project in Dubai – the first fully sustainable community of its kind, modelled to become an international showcase for high-quality sustainable living.

The agreement centres on two areas; the first seeks to provide the latest advanced lighting solutions that contribute to the city’s green branding and drive its overall sustainability. Signify aims to use its IoT platform, Interact, to deliver new data-enabled services to expand its value from lighting products to systems and services.

The second area of interest is horticulture. Innovative technologies now make it possible to grow plants in indoor environments without sunlight; this is a key sector for Signify, which distinguishes itself through a customer-centric approach where a plant specialist and application engineer work together to offer the grower a business case, financial services, plant growth expertise, installation expertise, LED systems and community networking. 

Vertical farming is a reply to the environmental problem that exists today in horticulture – how to provide fresh food to urban environments in a way that’s efficient and sustainable. Using lighting provided by Signify, customers can grow and process consistent, high-quality produce in one location in a vertical farm that can be close to retailers and consumers. The idea is to push boundaries to deliver quality products to consumers in a sustainable way. 

Said Goktug Gur, President and CEO of Signify, Middle East, Turkey and Pakistan: “In collaboration with Diamond Developers, our technologies will support the UAE in its transformation towards a smart city that is sustainable, livable, and connected … We are looking forward to creating a positive socio-economic impact together.’’ 

Faris Saeed, CEO of Diamond Developers, said the partnership would lead to “a wide range of advancements” in the lighting infrastructure of Sustainable City that should deliver “a substantial improvement in the overall quality of life”.