SORAA VIVID-Warm Dim lamps: intimate illumination

Ideal for environments that require warm dimming capability, SORAA’s new VIVID-Warm Dim lamps provide lighting professionals with a specification-grade dimmable lamp that integrates Soraa Point Source Optics and industry-leading colour rendering capabilities throughout the dimming range.

“Adding warm dimming capabilities to our VIVID lamp portfolio showcases the power and versatility of Soraa’s signature lighting technology in an elegant form factor suited for every lighting designer’s repertoire,” said Kieran Drain, President and COO of SORAA.

Shifting to pleasing, warmer hues found in natural light as light intensity decreases, SORAA VIVID-Warm Dim maintains the high colour quality that SORAA is known for.

They feature three different types of LEDs in SORAA’s MOSAIC technology, a configuration designed to achieve smooth beam edges with the industry’s only 24-array package – five times greater than any other competing warm dim lamp available today.

Information here. SORAA’s regional agent is Huda Lighting.

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