Superthin industrial linear LED luminaire by Waldmann

The new LINURA.edge line from Germany’s Waldmann delivers perfect illumination in the thinnest imaginable luminaire for monitoring industrial processes without specific spectral requirements.

The powerful, uniform white light (5,000K / CRI > 80) works well inside machines with uncritical environmental conditions, for example in woodworking, textiles or printing presses. Its solid housing can withstand high ambient temperatures, liquids and dust, and the special sealing for screen and side parts minimises failures.

Available with integrated M12 connection, universal light brackets that allow for light direction adjustment, and a variable-length holder system, LINURA.edge can be installed and adjusted extremely easily.

The slim design in two diameters and up to ten available lengths means the luminaire requires less space, and is ideal for use in constricted control cabinet rooms that house highly compressed electronics and require special electromechanical integration.

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