Technology collaboration between Acclaim and LuxBalance

Acclaim Lighting of the USA and LuxBalance Lighting from Hong Kong are partnering to combine some of the world’s best lighting expertise with advanced research and innovative concepts in digital lighting technology.  

Their proprietary LuxBalance technology provides flexible full-spectrum lighting that brings nature inside, helping people sleep well and wake up feeling rested.

The partnered technologies will feature professional spectrum control solutions and explore digital interaction possibilities with lighting fixtures.

The technique also applies to tissue culture lighting by helping plants to grow faster and healthier.

“We’re excited to work with Acclaim,” said Banly Cheung, MD of LuxBalance Lighting. “With our smart combination of full spectrum lighting, control and personalised concepts we can deliver great experiences for people and better business results with light.”

Toby Velazquez, Acclaim Lighting CEO, said the partnership was bringing together both lighting experience and a shared passion for lighting innovation. “We have always worked closely with the lighting design community to provide cutting edge solutions, and we look forward to exploring more on how to apply this new and relevant lighting technology in the near future.” 

The initial focus areas of this partnership include:

  • Full spectrum natural white: Acclaim and LuxBalance Lighting empower architects and designers to highlight the unique appearance of material and finishes in the décor with the broadest range of natural white. Using a unique combination of LEDs and smart colour calibration, it delivers the most natural and most comprehensive natural white following the BBL
  • Human-centric lighting for hospitality: helping people sleep well and wake up feeling rested with our digital lighting technology
  • Plant-centric lighting for tissue culture: maintaining tropical fruits using HortiPower, a powerful and flexible spectrum lighting for tissue culture labs and city farms. Flexible lighting enables growers and farmers to grow faster and healthier and tailoring lighting to the unique needs of the plants and growth stage.
  • Animal-centric lighting for chicken farms: enhancing animal wellbeing and farming outcomes using SunPerform, a unique lighting range for chicken farms. Proprietary lighting algorithms support bird development and enables a smarter farming approach

Acclaim Lighting, a leader in innovative and advanced lighting technology, was founded 2003 in Los Angeles. LuxBalance Lighting is a Hong Kong start-up in end-user digital lighting technology in Hong Kong.

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