Teucer adds smart switches and dimmers

Teucer’s new range of Smart WIFI switches and dimmers can be used as a direct replacement for existing switches – but offer much more in terms of usability, features and control.

These provide new ways to control lighting through a dedicated phone/tablet app and virtual assistants. The ‘Smart Life’ app allows the user to create a truly personalised experience from scene-setting to controlling other connected devices remotely.

The Smart WIFI switch is a range of tempered glass wall plates (top) that control lighting directly without the need for any complicated hubs, bridges or gateways.

In conjunction with the Smart WIFI switch is the Smart WIFI dimmer. You can simply replace your existing wall plate. As well as the usual functions such as scene-setting, timing on/off and app control, the Teucer dimmer is compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

Also new is the Smart WIFI socket (below), through which the user can connect any other wi-fi enabled home appliance. It can then be controlled with the Smart WIFI app or a virtual home assistant.

The standard three-pin socket has a visible power consumption indicator to give information about any connected appliance at a glance. For more detailed energy consumption information, the app can display usage data with just a few clicks.

UK-BASED Teucer, an established company specialising in LED strip and extrusions, offers a wide range of high-quality LEDs in a variety of colours, tunable whites and various wattages to commercial and high-end residential customers. More information here.