Touch-screen DMX controls by Tivoli

Tivoli Lighting’s TivoCue DMX Controller Series was designed to simplify the setting and changing of any aspect of colour schemes for permanent lighting systems via a wall-mounted unit with a touchscreen.

Tivoli has over 50 years of innovation and leadership in the manufacturing of low voltage linear lighting for architectural, and both theatre delineating and theatrical verticals. The three controllers in the series – TivoCue1, TivoCue2 and TivoCue10 – reflect this heritage.

They manage 512 DMX channels from simple to sophisticated colour schemes for lighting inside a house, bar, office block, shopping centre, hotel, or even a landmark.

TivoCue1 (top) can store up to 16 preset colour schemes with its colour-adjusting program for precise lighting control. In addition to colour choice, the touch panel includes four screen mode colour zones, speed/brightness and dimming white keys for quick and easy adjustments.

TivoCue2 (above) was designed to handle 99 scenes – each scene can be modified by touching the mode button to change the dimming range and colour. TivoCue2 is compatible with Tivoli’s CUE software, available for both Mac and Windows.

TivoCue10 (left) features 1024 DMX output channels with the ability to store 500 scenes across 10 zones in multiple rooms. Users can scroll through 16 million colours or set RGB values; in addition, up to 50 dynamic and static scenes can be established and changed. The controller has a clock and calendar for sunrise/sunset triggering; it also integrates a graphical colour screen allowing scene photos to be displayed.

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