Urban IQ: an open solution for smart streetlight sensor management

UK-based Telensa has launched Urban IQ – a future-proofed, open solution designed to connect sensors using smart streetlight infrastructure and then visualise the data collected.

Telensa is a world leader in smart street lighting, and Telensa PLANet is the world’s most deployed smart streetlight solution with 1.7 million light connected. Building on the compelling business case for its smart street lighting, the company provides cities and utilities with an open, low-cost platform to add multiple sensor applications; Urban IQ is a natural addition to its portfolio.

“We have been working with cities for over a decade to make their streetlights smart,” said Will Gibson, Founder and COO of Telensa, “and with the introduction of Urban IQ we are providing a cost-effective way to use their smart lighting infrastructure to add multiple smart city sensors.”

Telensa says it has created Urban IQ to enable cities to deploy sensors today and to support any future smart city strategy. The evolution of smart city sensing is at an early stage, and cities cannot predict the mix of sensors and networks needed to support future projects. Urban IQ uses the light pole’s perfect position to host multiple sensors, connected using the best-fit lighting and cellular networks.

Flexibility is achieved through the three main elements of the solution:

  • Sensor Hub – a multi-purpose device that provides power and connectivity for multiple sensors on any light pole or arm. It enables sensors to be mounted anywhere on the light pole and requires no adaptation to the luminaire itself, preserving its long-term reliability. Sensor Hub also provides local wireless connectivity for sensors near the pole such as those in waste bins or drains. It connects sensors to the cloud through a combination of the dedicated lighting network and cellular options, such as NB-IoT.
  • Dashboard – built on Microsoft Power BI, the industry-leading solution supported by systems integrators across the world. This provides the modular flexibility to customise and integrate sensor data into other systems, providing real-time insights from sensor data across the city.
  • Sensors from third-party vendors – Telensa has worked with a group of leading sensor solution providers to prove the Urban IQ solution. The solution is designed to work with any mix of sensors that cities may prefer to use over time.

Sensor types already deployed include air quality, environmental, waste, drainage, road quality and gunshot detection. Products have been running in pilots for the past 12 months in the US and UK and are now commercially available.

Leading partners who have already connected devices through Urban IQ include CA Traffic, Vaisala, Aeroqual, Libelium, Farsite Communications, Intouch, Gill, and Eagl.

Telensa is based in Cambridge in the UK, with regional operations in the USA and Australia.

More information here.