World market for IoT lighting of $4.5bn in 2026

Networked lighting controls and easy-to-use sensors are driving the evolution from intelligent lighting control systems to Internet of Things lighting systems, says a new report from Navigant Research. The researchers say that the global market for Internet of Things (IoT) lighting solutions within commercial buildings will grow from $651.1 million in 2017 to $4.5 billion in 2026.

IoT lighting solutions bring connectivity to devices that were previously not connected, can provide data through the connection, and allow devices within or outside of lighting systems to communicate. Opportunities for energy and operational cost savings, occupant health and well-being, and insights from data analytics are driving this market forward. 

“Data generation has increased due to the continual growth of connected devices,” says Krystal Maxwell, research analyst at Navigant. “The level of granular data produced from an IoT lighting system can be utilised by other building systems and provide greater insight into the building as a whole, making lighting an ideal entrance for IoT in commercial buildings.”

With the aid of networked lighting controls and easy-to-use sensors, the evolution from intelligent lighting control systems to IoT lighting systems is accelerating, according to the report. While lighting controls were originally designed for dimming or daylighting, they have evolved to also assist with space utilisation, conference room management, increased employee productivity, and improved operational efficiency through the removal of labor required by facility managers or other building personnel.

An Executive Summary of the report is available for free download here.



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