Zumtobel adds colour to the office

Offices are more than just a workplace today. They are minimalistic, smart modern, functional or have a loft look. Zumtobel is an experienced office lighting expert, especially in the area of wellbeing – and now in terms of new colour accents too. The bestselling Mellow Light, Vaero, Ondaria and Light Fields evolution office ranges are now available in white, black, silver, bronze and raw.

While the white luminaire can be discreetly integrated into drywall ceilings, the silver version creates a flexible transition between the fitting and the exposed concrete. If highlights are required, users can choose from additional versions in bronze, black and naturally anodised aluminium.

Mellow Light (top) plays with light. It brings the depth of the room to life in the ‘mellow’ colours of the sky until late at night. Walls and ceilings begin to breathe and give people a renewed sense of outdoor freedom.

VAERO Pendel 150x150 - Zumtobel adds colour to the officeVaero (left) is more light than luminaire. Its design language – streamlined and clear in the true sense of the word – discreetly integrates into any room architecture, making it the ideal choice for various office areas.

ONDARIA 870 Anbau 150x150 - Zumtobel adds colour to the officeThe timeless design of the Ondaria luminaire (right) perfectly complements a variety of different room concepts. Whether recessed, surface-mounted or as a pendant luminaire – the clear geometry enhances the architecture without detracting from the interior styling.

Light Fields evolution, the recessed, surface-mounted, pendant, free-standing and wall-mounted LED luminaire, is entirely dedicated to progress and further development. The design is minimalist and consistently uniform for all models.

Lighting solutions by Zumtobel create working conditions that make people feel good, thus motivating them and helping them to concentrate on doing their job better. Wellbeing in office spaces is enhanced by holistic lighting ecosystems. Zumtobel’s Active Light is linked to daylight dynamics, actively supporting the natural biorhythm and seamlessly ensuring maximum visual comfort for tasks.



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