Zumtobel illuminates Manila’s Bellas Artes Outpost

Founded in 2013 by art patron Jam Acuzar, the Bellas Artes Projects foundation has become a major art and culture centre in the Philippines province of Bataan. In 2017 Acuzar opened the Bellas Artes Outpost non-profit exhibition space in Manila to promote discourse between Filipino artists, the general public and the broader international contemporary art scene.

Zumtobel has helped accentuate the modern and sometimes experimental exhibits with a flexible lighting solution that uniquely stages the works in line with the wishes of the artist.

Exhibits at the Bellas Artes Outpost include works by critically acclaimed artist couple Isabel and Alfredo Aquilizan,  Cian Dayrit, Bruce Conner and Paul Pfeiffer, among many others. Along with home-grown Filipino artists, famous names from the international art scene like Carlos Amorales and Pawel Althamer have also exhibited in the Bellas Artes Outpost.

Founder Jam Acuzar worked with lighting expert and interior designer Claude Mark Wilson of WE Design, placing great emphasis on the flexibility of the lighting solution with the key aim of helping artists make light an effective tool for exhibitions.

Claude Mark Wilson opted to use Zumtobel’s multifunctional SUPERSYSTEM II lighting tool. The combination of a series of low-voltage tracks and a comprehensive range of easy-to-install modular LED lighting inserts covers all demanding lighting tasks and supports maximum adaptability and optimal individualisation. The slim tracks and purist luminaires, which remain very much in the background, impress with their subtle design, high-quality materialisation and outstanding brightness.

A special feature of the SUPERSYSTEM II toolbox is the ability to achieve different visual effects, depending on the particular task. The miniature spotlights are ideal for pinpoint accent lighting, incorporating rotationally symmetrical distributions such as Superspot and Wide Flood or a precise oval light beam, while the wallwasher versions provide pleasant uniform illumination for vertical surfaces.

The solution is controlled by the DIMLITE CIRCLE lighting controls unit from Zumtobel. With three scene buttons and two rocker switches for dimming, this innovative control panel looks after all the basic functions in the exhibition space and helps users avoid having to use multiple buttons and switches.

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